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Sapphire USB Specialty Light
Sapphire USB Specialty Light
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Sapphire USB Specialty Light
The Sapphire USB light is 20 lumens of light, ideal for backup use. The metal clip clips the light to your key ring, cuff key, or go-bag. Our employee who is a pilot keeps 3 of these clipped to his flight bag for backup night use (he's careful!). The Sapphire Light has a built-in micro-USB charging port, and comes with the charging adapter. One of these will make a perfect gift for a firefighter, paramedic, deputy, police officer, instructor, or other person you want to honor when you combine it with our Wood Gift Box shown below. The accessories such as the Micro Arm and Retractable Cord add utility and versatility to the Sapphire USB system. The Red Tactical shines a red light, the Blue Tactical shines a blue light, and the Green Tactical shines a green light. Our pilot likes the green light the best for night vision, but keeps one of each (red & green) available in the cockpit within arm's reach for night flights.