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Mourning Band
Mourning Band
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Mourning Band
If you ever have the unfortunate need to order these, we have them in stock. These are elastic bands, but they are sized in different sizes to fit shields, ovals, and stars. MINIMUM ORDER IS ONE DOZEN! Also, pay close attention to the shipping method on your order form, often these are needed next- or second- day air.

IMPORTANT! Please, in the "remarks" section of the order form, let us know what kind of badge you have (star, oval, shield, etc) and the dimensions in height & width of the badge. To be absolutely sure, please fax us a xerox copy of the badge to 760-353-3575 with the dimensions written on the badge, OR scan and email the badge to us at Be sure to include dimensions on that as well. If youknow the badge make & model, that helps a lot, too.