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M.U.T. by Leatherman MUT E.O.D. & MUT Utility Perfect for AR-15 and Other Patrol Rifles

M.U.T. by Leatherman
M.U.T. by Leatherman
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M.U.T. by Leatherman
The brand new MUT by Leatherman is a HUGE seller for us! Leatherman has been selling to the military and law enforcement for years, but has never designed a product specifically for the AR15 operator. When the marketing/engineering team was approached by two Sergeants from the Army Marksmanship Unit at Ft. Benning with the idea to develop a utility tool for shooters, the MUT design began to take shape. The primary focus in the development of the MUT was to address the weapons-maintenance needs of the military/LE without loosing sight of the everyday utilitarian functions that make Leatherman so popular already with the civilian side. What sets the MUT apart from the competition and other general Leatherman tools, is that it is not just a maintenance tool, or just a utility tool, but the first real combination of both. Leatherman narrowed down the essential tools for weapons maintenance and enhanced the utility tool for field work. During the development of tools, it quickly became apparent that to truly serve as an everyday carry tool (for both on and off-duty), the MUT would need to also address the needs of the more specialized EOD (explosive ordnance disposal) technicians, so two models were developed—MUT Utility and MUT EOD. The MUT not only serves as an everyday tool for civilians with its common Leatherman features, but also as a range tool for AR15 maintenance.