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Maltese Crosses Denote Years of Service

Maltese Cross Embroidered
Maltese Cross Embroidered
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Maltese Cross Embroidered
Each Maltese cross denotes 5 years of fire service, regardless of department or type of service (career or volunteer). Firefighters, Engineers & AO's, Lt's and Capts usually get silver crosses to match silver sleeve stripes, Chief Officers get gold Maltese crosses. These are EMBROIDERED Maltese crosses. We also have metal Maltese crosses available. The Maltese crosses are worn above the highest sleeve stripe. PLEASE NOTE: THE PRICE IS $3.90 PER MALTESE CROSS. THE PHOTO ABOVE IS 3 MALTESE CROSSES, THE PRICE IS $3.90 PER CROSS, NOT "PER STRIP OF THREE" The Maltese crosses are embroidered on a midnight navy cloth, it looks almost black but it is "midnight navy".