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M12 Universal Holster for Beretta 92-series

Military Universal B-92 Holster
Military Universal B-92 Holster
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Product Description

Designed by Bianchi in the 1980ís the M12 is the standard issue holster for the U.S. Armed Forces and has been battle proven from Bosnia to Panama and Iraq. Its unique ambidextrous design, when combined with our modular accessories, allows the M12 to be worn in 14 different positions. The M12 is specifically designed to fit the Beretta 92 semiauto pistol and was awarded 5 separate patents for its utilitarian design. Available in O.D.



U.S. armed forces standard issue for the BERETTA M9 sidearm

Removable flap

Ambidextrous design

Converts to shoulder holster with M13 or UM84H

Equipped with Quick-Lockô belt fastener

Water resistant and handwashable