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Red Mirage light

Mirage Stand-by Light
Mirage Stand-by Light
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Mirage Stand-by Light
This is THE LIGHT to keep clipped to your aircraft keys or your flight bag. This little light is designed to provide thousands of hours of light on the enclosed battery. The manufacturer guarantees it. It emits a high efficiency, non-deteriorating solid state beam with a soft red glow that won't ruin your night vision if airborne, but its plenty bright enough to read by, for example, to read an approach plate or hunt for a circuit breaker if all the cockpit lights are on the fritz. For you tech-minded pilots, it's got a Softouch pressure switch, forged aluminum body, injection molded frame, and auto tension tri-ring clip, and is waterproof. It has a 180-degree viewing radius. Its really a great light. The pilot who works at our store keeps two clipped to his flight bag.

Not only all that, but its available for customization with the logo of your choice; laser engraveable, computer engraveable, and special purpose colors are available for corporate gifts and incentives. (Minimum quantities apply for customization)