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Accumold Elite - Lightweight and Durable

Bianchi Accumold Elite
Bianchi's done it again! Using their patented AccuMold technology, they developed a new line of synthetic duty gear that leaves the competition in the dust! AccuMoldŽ Elite revolutionizes the concept of duty gear, crossing the boundaries between leather and nylon holsters and accessories. Even the experts are fooled, not knowing that what they are looking at is not premium leather! AccuMold Elite- it's nothing short of spectacular!

ˇ Lightweight - Up to 50% lighter than leather in most applications. ˇ More affordable than leather. ˇ Improved comfort translates into better officer performance in the field. ˇ Same beautiful look as leather- the crisp, professional appearance of premium leather without the weight, maintenance and cost. ˇ Abrasion-resistant - Exhibits a high level of resistance to the daily knocks, scuffs and abrasions of duty use. Less work to maintain that "inspection day" look! ˇ Easily cleaned with only mild soap and water . ˇ Bio-Safety - Washing with disinfectant soap or bleach solution will handle contamination problems . . . Great for correctional institution duty. ˇ Makes the transition from conventional duty leather to a synthetic duty gear an easy decision! AccuMold Elite . . . Only from Bianchi.