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TMT L2 Tactical Flashlight by 5.11 Tactical

TMT L2 Tactical Flashlight
TMT L2 Tactical Flashlight
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Product Description

TMT L2 Tactical Flashlight
This is our most popular light. It sells 10-to-1 over all the other 5.11 flashlights at our retail store.

The TMT L2 flashlight features a Momentary-On switch, with High-Beam, Low-Beam, and Strobe options on the same tailcap switch! Made from aircraft-grade aluminum, with advanced regulated circuits for maximum output, this light uses two lithium CR123A batteries (included). With two lithium batteries, though, the light puts out a massive 320 lumens on high beam and strobe modes, and an ultra-low-beam output of only 10 lumens. You can still read a map on low-beam, and the light will last up to 54 hours on low! Even on high-beam, the battery should last about 4 hours. The tail cap features a momentary-on mode, it has a spring-metal pocket clip, anti-roll ring, breakaway lanyard, and this light is tested to ANSI FL1 standard.


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