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ASP Logo Belts

ASP belt
ASP belt
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Product Description

ASP belt
These are great belts for everyday wear. The custom nylon weave has a reinforced tip to avoid fray and keep the great look. There's a line of stitching along the top & bottom edge of these belts, which accents the belt. What's great about this belt is that there is a hidden cuff key pocket along the inner side of the belt (cuff key not included). The belts are 1.75" wide, and come with the ASP Eagle medallion pictured. What's great is we can substitute your custom agency logo with a minimum order of only 20 belts! A custom logo will promote your team's exclusive prestige & pride when you wear this belt either on or off duty. And, the belt is stiff enough to support your belt-carried gear such as an EMT holster, firearm, baton, cuffs, or whatever.