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ASP Talon Baton
ASP Talon Baton
Item # 22211
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Product Description

These new TALON batons by ASP collapse with the push of a button and gentle pressure from the opposite hand. No more having to strike the baton on a hard surface to collapse the baton. Perfect for officers on boats, mounted patrol, air bureau, and other special units where there's not always a sidewalk nearby to whack your baton on to close it! The Airweight batons are extremely lightweight, but have the 99% of the same impact on your suspect as do the regular weight batons.


Sidebreak Holder
Sidebreak holder fits nylon or leather Sam Brown duty belt. Order basketweave style, plain style, or ballistic weave style (ballistic weave style looks best on nylon duty belts, basketweave or plain looks better on leather belts). This holder can securely hold the baton collapsed or extended. PLEASE-read the instructions that come with the sidebreak if you're not familiar with its use.
Availability: Usually ships in 2-3 business days