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Auto Retention, Fast Presentation DISCONTINUED by BIANCHI, ONLY A FEW REMAIN

7935 SpeedBreak DUTY HOLSTER
7935 SpeedBreak DUTY HOLSTER
Item # 7935
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Product Description

This holster expands on the SL3.2.1. "Auto-Retention" technology with an expanded thumb break, called the "KnuckleBreak". This new contoured thumb break allows the user to break the snap with a straight downward motion of the thumb as it indexes the lever of the holster in one smooth motion. The primary advantages of this design are speed and simplicity. The AutoRetention SpeedLok feature allows for instant retention once the weapon is fully reholstered, with no additional user interaction. The single plane drawing motion is natural and fast. The holster cleans up with just water and mild soap. Adjustable tension bars on the belt slide allow the user to secure the holster in place on the duty belt. This fits the standard 2.25" duty belt.