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7001 Thumbsnap Holster

7001 Thumbsnap Holster
7001 Thumbsnap Holster
Item # 7001
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Product Description

Suitable for outdoor and concealment applications, this holster rides at a 10 -13 degree forward angle for a fast, instinctive draw. Our Roll-Top™ thumb break strap wraps cleanly over hammer and effectively retains the handgun. Belt slides through our Quick-Slide™ 1.75” injection molded belt loop. PATENTED


Custom molded and contoured

High-density trilaminate construction: Ballistic fabric exterior, high-density, closed-cell foam center

Coptex™ inner lining of 100% polyknit, for a smooth draw

Sturdy Quick-Slide™ molded belt loop

High ride

Closed muzzle

1.75" (45mm) belt slot

Adjustable thumbstrap