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ASP Saphire USB Light

ASP Blue Line Saphire USB Light
ASP Blue Line Saphire USB Light
Item # 53600
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Product Description

Part of ASP's new Blue Line collection, This extremely light and small flashlight nonetheless puts out a lot of light. Ideal for lighting a cuff key at night or finding a small object in the patrol car, we have one pilot that works for us who keeps 3 of these clipped to his flight bag and another to his airplane key. The 20-lumen light output doesn't cause night blindness, but will light up the immediate area to find what you need to find. ASP has been making the Sapphire form factor light for many years, what's new about this light is that is has a mini-USB recharging port built in to the light! A full charge will give you 1.5 hours of light, with a 45-minute full recharge time. The switch is selectable from Momentary-On to Constant-On, and the light has a spring clip to hook it on to a key ring, duffel bag, or other object.