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Coneals the Firearm in a Pants Pocket

4501 Pocket Change holster
4501 Pocket Change holster
Item # 4501
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Product Description

Pocket Change™ is the perfect solution if you want to carry your weapon in a quality pocket holster. In fact, with certain dress requirements there is no other comfortable or convenient way to carry your back up firearm. This design features a rubberized grip material on the holster front so it stays in your pocket while the draw is accomplished simply and easily. With minimal bulk and a smooth front that does not show the shape of the gun, it's the perfect combination of accessibility, comfort, and concealment. Features: Compact, lightweight and moisture resistant Conceals shape of firearm in pocket with minimal bulk Special textured material on front side of holster helps to keep holster inside pocket when drawing firearm Slick nylon lining inside holster provides for smooth and reliable draw of firear