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Holster Tee-Shirt

Holster T-Shirt Mens & Womens
Holster T-Shirt Mens & Womens
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Product Description

Holster T-Shirt Mens & Womens
Completely separate design for men & women, but the result is the same, an undercover holster shirt that is functional and efficient. We wear these at our retail store and off duty as well. The womens' model is styled and patterned just for the female torso, the mens' model is tailored to fit the male torso. Each has a mesh shoulder yoke which distributes the firearm weight evenly across the shoulder. The outer mesh layer prevents firearm profiling beneath the outer garment, and the padded inner neoprene layer cushions the firearm which is carried close to the body. The terrycloth layer helps wick moisture away from the body. When you first put this on you'll think is came too small, but that's not the case. It just fits very snugly, which is appropriate for keeping the firearm from flopping all over the place and revealing its presence. This is the best concealed carry undershirt we have found so far. Womens' style available only in sleeveless. Mens style available in sleeved or sleeveless.