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Texas Outlaw Holster

1830 Texas Outlaw Holster
1830 Texas Outlaw Holster
Item # 1830
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Product Description

1830 Texas Outlaw Holster
The gunfighters of the Old West are the embodiment of the cowboy mystique that lives on today. This classic design blends in with the western landscape but when it's time to go to work it commands the respect of those surrounding you. The holster is leather-lined and features a rawhide liner to hold the top of the holster open. The 3" wide belt is suede-lined to help maintain holster position on the hips and features billet ends. Cartridge loops available for .32, .38 and .45 Long Colt. Belt is 4" oversized for wear over trousers. Offered in both a single and double rig configuration. Holster Only, belt sold separately.

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